Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Some Updates

I haven't posted for ages and I probably shouldn't be posting now, considering I have two finals tomorrow (lol what is school), but I felt a sudden urge to do something so here I am! Some fun facts:

  1. I found out I really, really like Washington D.C. I have no idea why. I just do. 
  2. On that topic, the five days I spent there with our fuck-awesome (excuse the language) history bowl team (2nd in the nation baby) were the best five days I've had for a long time. Never mind I didn't have any close friends on the team; I still had a rockin' good time which is a sign of both excellent company and fantastic scenery. 
  3. Yeah we're still on the same topic. I have a painting recommendation: "Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand on Gideon" by John Martin. So amazing and epic. I love it. 
  4. The Vietnam War Memorial is... wow. Just wow. So is the FDR Memorial. And the MLK Jr. Memorial. Yeah.
  5. Moving on... Prom-a-drama is so ridiculously stupid. It's stupid mainly in the fact that it's so stressful lol. Like why. Why is it stressful. This so isn't the end of the world. Or nirvana. Whatever.
  6. Getting asked out by a random guy sometimes isn't flattering–it's just uncomfortable. Tip for y'all, obvious though it may be: make sure you're the one with the number. Keep hold of the reins. Call at your own will, or risk hahaha.
  7. Peter Cooper (??? right?!) was apparently a pretty important dude in U.S. history. He had fairly epic facial hair too. 
  8. Sometimes, there are certain people who look incredibly similar to specific animals. And sometimes, it's best to keep that information to yourself so that you don't set off a hysterical chain of events that involves horrible puns and fits of giggles. 
  9. Ignorance is bliss. Really.
  10. You gotta pick and choose your battles. You win some, you lose some. A massive part of life is knowing when to let go. It's like that aphoristic prayer–God grant me the courage to change what I can, the serenity to accept what I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference (or something along those lines). You have to know what's the priority, what's worth salvaging. I'm still working on it, but I think I'm starting to get there. It's a major struggle, but whoever said anything in life was ever easy? Life is a climb, but the view is great. Yeah. I just quoted Hannah Montana. Fight me. 
Peace out. I'll be back sometime. Ha.