Thursday, May 22, 2014

Current Favorites!

Nars Sheer Glow
Need I say more? This foundation is literally perfect. It's just beautiful. 

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish 

I HAVE A SKINFINISH!!! You have no idea how proud of myself I am. I have one. I'm so accomplished. Now I have to get my hands on one of those fancy highlighter/blush shades... Hm. Anyway, this gorgeous product is smooth and wondrous and lovely. It does not cake (my first powder!) and it applies really, really easier with a big brush.

Mac Fix +

This smells really good. And feels even better. Actually, it's a close call. I have dry skin, so I love how this diffuses any potential caking issues (no one likes..clumpy makeup. Gross.). I also adore the lock on the nozzle. So genius.

Divergent Sephora Collection

This was literally the best valued makeup set ever. Look at how much stuff there is!! SO MUCH STUFF. And it's good stuff too! Everything is well pigmented and packaged beautifully. The brush is not bad either, a dual-ended contour/blush brush and fluffy eye brush. I love the color combos, and the cheek palette is pretty wonderful. Who cares if you don't read the books, or enjoy them, or whatever–get this set. It's freaking amazing. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette 1
Think this well-loved, gushed-over, hyped-up product is overrated? Please. Don't even go there. This is well worth the fan following. Every single shadow is buttery and beautiful, rich and pigmented, and oh my my my I swoon just looking at it. I touch it, I die. I apply it... well, I'm dead so why are we even going there, right? I jumped on the bandwagon way late, but better late than never! This is beautiful, and it looks like a chocolate bar! Mmm. 

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White
My favorite scent. Ever. I think this even beats out Versace's old Ethereal perfume, and I adored that scent. Perfumes are very personal purchases, so I'm not going to push this one; but, I love it and I think it suits me very well. It wears well and soothes me immediately. 

American Horror Story: Murder House

This may possibly be the best show I have ever watched. I went through the first season in a matter of days, it was so good. I never thought I was one to love horror, though, to be fair, American Horror Story: Murder House translates more as psychological thriller than horror. The story is brilliant and the filming is genius. The artistry and craftiness of the show really shines through, and I seriously tip my hat off to Brad Falchuck and Ryan Murphy. I need to summon up the courage to watch season 2 (Asylum), because I know that that is some dark, scary shit, but I'll get there... eventually.

Essie Resort Fling

This polish is sooooo beautiful... I could wear it all year. I love it. And the formulation is very nice! I've always enjoyed Essie's aesthetics in general, and Resort Fling takes the prize for sure. 


My favorite band. It's been decided–they're my favorite.