Monday, August 12, 2013

Fall Fashion 2013

The air is becoming crisper, students are out buying supplies, schedules are being picked up... Ah, autumn. Love it or hate it, it comes with an influx of new (or recycled?) trends that we can nitpick and analyze to our hearts' content.

1) Peplum

Yeah, this is still in, and according to Glamour, it's not gonna die. I wish I could say I like this trend, but I'm not so partial to it. Maybe I'm just bitter because I don't have the stick-thin body to pull it off. I don't think I've seen a single peplum piece that I've liked so far, and this trend came out a while ago. To me, it just looks bulky and uncomfortable. It's not subtle and it's... kind of frilly. I dunno. It's just not my thing.

2) Layering

Yes, yes, and YES! Layering is timeless! This time, it's layering textures. Is that awesome, or what?! A word of caution–don't get too excited (like me), and make sure to keep it all very streamlined, lest you end up looking like...a hot mess. No other way to put it.

3) Leopard/Zebra Print

Never really got on board with the leopard print; it was always a bit too... Real Housewives of ______ for me, so I dunno. But meh. Whatever floats your boat. Zebra print, on the other hand, looks pretty awesome if you ask me.

4) Leather

So glad this is still in because I've been thinking about investing in brown or black leather! As for leather pants, I have a pair that I could wear comfortably a couple years ago, but now... hm. Not sure. A bit too scared to try them on, to be honest. What's the deal with white leather, btw? Seems like many people are a bit iffy/cautious when approaching it, but I think it looks nice. *shrugs*

5) Classic Prints/Menswear

'Warholian' is Bazaar's take on it. Houndstooth, graphics, etc. I love the menswear, but still mulling over the different little prints. Not gonna lie–I'm still caught up with the flowy florals from spring. Sorry.
Menswear, on the other hand, I can get on board with. I LOVE that look. It's edgy and still sophisticated, and completely appropriate for work (I think).

6) American Pastoral

Guys, I gotta be honest. I don't really know what this means. It just kind of gets all hazy in my brain with a mix of Walt Whitman? nature? high boots? what? Yeah... not sure. But high boots=YEAH! Plus, what I'm seeing of this trend so far (or what they're calling this, anyway), I'm loving, so 'sall good for now.

7) Hats

Can't pull this off :( But I usually love seeing hats on other people! A good hat can elevate an otherwise standard outfit to a whole new level.

8) Emerald Green

Fantastic. I have many pictures for this trend because I love the color so much. I'm glad emerald green is back, because it's rich and full and perfect. Plus, I just recently purchased an Icebreaker Merino shirt in emerald green and am eyeing a BCBGMaxAzria dress in the same shade... Hmm.
Whether you think of emerald-cut diamonds, Costa Rica, or Harry Potter's eyes, be sure to get on board with this trend, because hardly anyone looks bad in emerald green (or am I wrong? I may just be biased).

9) Military

SO want a military jacket right now!! Unfortunately, I might have to wait a couple weeks.. or months... I've been buying way too many clothes recently. Online shopping is dangerous, y'all. But anyway, this is a nice homage to our army that keeps our country safe while looking cool.

10) Gray

I guess gray is the new neutral! ...I really hope this has nothing to do with the Fifty Shades of Gray (Grey?) release... otherwise I may have to give in to my natural stubbornness and try to boycott the trend. But besides that, gray is a-okay (see what I did there!)!

11) Color-blocking

LOVE this trend. It's cool, yet fun; classy, yet punchy; cute, yet sophisticated. It's versatile, and I'm in love. You can do it with bright colors, like yellow and green, or with neutral colors. Anyway, it looks great, and you can take the shortcut by getting a simple colorblocked blouse, or add in your own flair by mixing and matching your personal pieces (I don't have the coordination to do that, sadly...).

12) Slouchy pants

I reaaaaalllyyyyyyyy WANT a pair of these! Harem pants, menswear trousers, whatever. Sadly, when I excitedly held up a pair to my friend while shopping, she was like "Dude. You could never wear those out." To which I was like, ":(!!!" I guess you have to establish a firm foundation of edginess and fashion forward-ness before attempting the difficult task of pulling off slouchy pants. Sigh. Oh well. Good things come to those who wait.

Happy shopping, everyone!

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