Sunday, January 5, 2014

2nd Semester Bucket List

As someone who is giddy with the realization that I am FINALLY a second semester senior, it's time for me to compile an official list of second semester senior-type goals/adventures!
  • Learn to play more sophisticated guitar :3
  • Drive to Santana Row myself!
  • Eat In n' Out
  • Do Benefit Fashion Show
  • Go to HB Nationals
  • Learn to drive stick shift
  • Go for a test drive 
  • Go to an open house and pretend to be an adult
  • Watch Star Trek, Star Wars, and all that awesome nerdy stuff
  • Catch up on Game of Thrones!
  • Read A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Enter writing contests (I am kicking myself still for never doing this!)
  • Experiment more with makeup application (kind of a baby in this area LOL)
  • Reorganize my room (sigh)
*will probably be updated periodically

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