Sunday, February 2, 2014

What. The. Hell. (otherwise known as Unloading Part 3)

I thought second semester was supposed to be relaxing.

WTF IS GOING ON?!!!?? There are probably like four people (not including myself) who want to kill me right now for shirking my responsibilities, and urrghgh I just want to relax and be lazy and have time to hang out with my (not many) friends!! But UPHHH I think I bit off more than I can chew. And this isn't even like... a lot... I'm just. Hmph. I think maybe it's the stupid research paper we have to write for AP Lit that's bringing on this wave of "ARGHHHH" and "IFJEWIPAFJPAWJEFPWNOOOOOOO". I don't know what's happening. What the heck.

Okay. It's okay. Just think positive. THINK POSITIVE (forceful! demanding! that works!). MUST. THINK. POSITIVE. Here it is. Okay. There's basically only one and a half weeks left of Mock Trial (don't get me wrong–I love it, but I've really been struggling to balance it with the other stuff going on). I've got all of the Rachmaninoff music memorized for Winter Percussion. Good good. NOO but I still have Bach and half of Beethoven (actually more like 7/8 now that I think about it) to memorize for my other piano stuff!! And I probably need to go back and re-memorize Prokofiev and the Chopin etude... I er... no... there are no positives for History Bowl seeing as I've studied probably a total of one hour collectively (from the beginning of... last school year...). I need to get my Calc grade up because I slacked off way too much first week (more like was gone the whole first week because of the freaking stomach flu which I totally embraced). And there's still the the Lit Mag formatting to finish. My goodness. What.

Two Mock Trial competitions this week?! On weekdays?? Why does that even happen?! Who made those rules?? Why do they not pity the poor students??

Orchestra and winter perc festivals one after the other?? WHY?? Why do they do that?

Okay pity party is over... (not) Time to do.. work. Aka just go to bed. Sleep solves stuff. It's like in "Weary Blues" when Hughes is like yeah sleep is that time when the weary blues cease and peace arrives for those few stolen moments.. sigh.

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