Friday, September 6, 2013

Dance Policy

What's "freaking"?
No, it actually is not a euphemism for "f*cking"–not in this case, anyway. Nor is it behaving irrationally and wildly. My friends, in this context, it means "to 'dance' in gyrating motions, usually the male rubs his happy place on the female's rump" (courtesy of Urban Dictionary). This is the typical form of dancing at school dances. In my area, at least.
But why?! I'll admit it–it became normal to me after a couple of years. Everybody did it (overused 'excuse' of the century)! I didn't even mind it. But recently, the principal decided to set forth an anti-freaking law of sorts. Several reasons for this: it was annoying and uncomfortable for chaperones to witness; younger girls, especially freshmen, felt uncomfortable; horrible rumors were spreading (e.g., that upperclassmen boys would target a lone freshman girl and gang up to grind on her); it is, in its nature, rather... gross.
Yeah, the backlash was epic. I was actually a bit shocked by the outspoken pro-freaking comments in our class's Facebook group. On one hand, I get it–really, I do. I mean, what else do we know? Actually dancing dancing takes real effort; freaking is all we know now. We don't have any idea how to dance normally in a social context! WTF is dancing??? (Yes, we sound like idiots. Perhaps we are.)
But at the same time, the administration really does have a point. There is a time and place for freaking, don't get me wrong–clubs, sure, when the purpose is to, er, socialize with another's sexual counterpart. But high school? I don't think so. That's not the natural order of things. Yeah, we're supposed to have fun, but there's a fine line between blatant rashness and relaxed fun. It's true that freaking is a bit of a degradation to females.
If girls choose to sexualize themselves in such a manner, then that's fine, because it's their choice (hopefully an informed choice); they can actually retain power that way if they know exactly what they're doing. But when we're simply following trends and mindlessly copying the people around us, because that's all we know? Geez, I could make dozens, hundreds of examples of the detrimental conformity! Geocentrism, anti-semitism, Lord of the Flies, collectivism–you get my drift (I hope).
I don't know if outright banning freaking was the correct answer, but perhaps this will give some people the courage to dance the way they want to at social events. And I think we are in serious need of a reintegration program, something that will teach us how to dance properly... We seriously have no idea.

HOW DO YOU DANCE??? I don't freaking know!!
(see what I did there?)

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