Monday, September 23, 2013


This is mainly just for me, but if you are similar to me in that you're feeling a bit mournful over your social life (rather, lack thereof) because you completely shut down during junior year to stress and work in peace, became way too caught up in academics in general, or are just naturally awkward (or all of the above... like me), then let us compose a mantra together.

You're working towards some higher goal. We all are. Right now, it happens to be college. Just work hard. How to maintain a balance? Some people can, it's true. But if that's something you cannot maintain, don't you dare forsake your hard work and potential just to feel like you fit in. Find what you genuinely love, and delve into that. If you're working hard at something monotonous or formulaic, then yeah, life is going to be pretty depressing. If, on the other hand, you dive into something you truly enjoy, then it doesn't matter how many hours you put in, or how much social enjoyment you've lost.

If you're a senior, focus on college apps with everything you possess–all your gall, all your soul, everything. Maybe you'll pine after the experience of standing with gaggles of friends, or the feeling of engaging in a fun relationship, or totally partying it up, but you will be the one standing tall and proud when results come in. If you do the very best, if you can sit back and look at your essays and say that you are indeed proud of what you've written, then you will–and I guarantee this–get the college that is meant for you. And it will be amazing. (By the way, I'm taking a leap of faith, here.) Keep that front and foremost in your mind. If, for a second, a bit of sorrow and regret creep into your heart, slam down your resolve like a frickin' guillotine and chop away those detrimental sentiments.

Thus, here is the mantra: Work hard now, remember what your goals are, smile and reward yourself when the storms have passed, laugh when you've succeeded. (OKAY FINE, it's not the best mantra, but cut me some slack okay?! I'm not a self-help author or motivational speaker, geez.)

*REMEMBER! Moderation is key, as always. Don't go too far right or too far left (at least, in my humble opinion).

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