Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Do you get it?

Her First Time

    "Why won't you let me?" he demands.
    "Look, it's my choice, okay?"
    He groans, guttural noises of complaint scraping from his throat. "This involves me too! I'm your fucking boyfriend!"
    She throws him a withering look. "Uh huh, yeah, and as my "fucking boyfriend", I would expect you to support my decision, not whine about it like a baby!"
    His eyebrows pull together in a crooked, upside-down V. "A baby? How am I being a baby?!"
    She stares at him in glaring disbelief. "Um, maybe because you don't seem to understand that I'm just not ready to do this with you yet!"
    "But–but–" he splutters, "that's just ridiculous! We've been together for–what–two years?! How could you not be ready?"
    "I just value it way more than you, it seems," she grumbles. "This is a big deal to me, okay? I need you to understand that."
    His chest fills with air and he lets it out in a long, resigned puff. He casts his eyes to the ground and his lower lip sticks out a bit. "I just don't see why you don't trust me," he mumbles, a little petulantly.
    She tilts her head as her eyes soften and she lays a hand on his arm. "Look, I trust you, okay? Do you believe me?"
    His eyes sneak a peek at her gentling face. "I guess..." he says hesitantly. "It's just that we've waited so long–"
    "I know," she cuts in. She stops and visibly restrains herself. "I know," she repeats, more softly. "I just–this is a huge deal to me."
    His lower lip sticks out a bit more and he shrugs childishly.
    She sighs. "It's a part of me, you know? You just don't let go of those things that easily."
    He eyes her with growing amusement. "Yeah, I can see that," he teases slightly.
    She laughs and the tension between them finally snaps into light, dry pieces. "Shut up! You know how much I love Les Mis!"
    "You look like your fingers are about to break," he chuckles, bringing his hands to hers and attempting futilely to loosen her death grip on the director's cut copy of the film.
    "Hey!" She shoots him a warning look. "Keep that up and your fingers will be broken."
    He holds his hands up in surrender. "Yeah, yeah, I get it. This is a big deal to you and I don't get to ruin it. Okay."
    She huffs in annoyance. "I didn't say you would ruin it!! It's just that sometimes you're so... unappreciative… and… I don't know…it's my first time seeing the full version and… "
    He laughs. "Yeah, I'd ruin it. It's okay," he smiles at her. "You should watch it with your fellow nerds. They'll make the experience better for you."
    The knuckles return to their natural shade as her grip on the DVD loosens considerably. "Really?"
    He nods, humor at the whole situation coloring his face.
    "Thank you," she smiles radiantly at him and kisses him briefly with a quick smack. "I love you."
    "I love you."
    "One day, you'll be ready."
    "One day, you'll be ready."

    She laughs. "One day, we'll both be ready for this."

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