Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Cruel, Cruel Life

*Warning: First world problems ahead

So this month, I got really excited because I joined all sorts of new activities–I'm Pretrial Attorney for our school's Mock Trial, I joined History Bowl (one of the top ten teams in the nation), and I was recruited to help edit the school's literary magazine. The cherry on top (please pardon the cliche phrase), however, was finding out that this year's spring musical would be Les Miserables, the greatest, in my opinion, musical of all time. I was ecstatic. I was literally on cloud #9 for the rest of the week and was still euphoric the following two weeks.

Today, I was crushed. Today, my dreams were shattered. Today, I discovered that History Bowl Nationals conflicts with every single spring musical performance date. And now I'm really sad.

(I'm overreacting, but I WAS SO PUMPED. Of course I'm not as good as the drama department people, but I have a decent voice and decent acting chops and I thought maybe I had a slight chance of getting a good role because I love this musical sosososososososo much!!!)

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